I  v o l t i  d i 

s a n t a   m a r g h e r i t a

august 2021 

church of Santa Margherita, Bisceglie, Puglia (BT)

The first Impossible Dialogues exhibition took place in the church of Santa Margherita, a romanesque gem part of the heritage of Bisceglie (Puglia, BT) and protected by FAI Fondo Ambiente Italiano. It was part of a three days cultural event called ''I volti di Santa Margherita'', curated by Claudia Storelli as the author of the exhibited art project, in collaboration with architect Cris Skenderi,

CompagiaAurea, and Associazione21.

Foto 20-08-21, 10 37 51.jpg

The frames are much bigger than the exhibited works, in order to frame each detail of the old church as well, from the niches to the stone romanic lions. Therefore the frames are designed with different heights and width, depending on which part of the church are framed. The demand of stability is solved placing on the base a small local plant or a stone from the seaside.

The church of Santa Margherita was built in 1190, and left closed for the last 50 years, in an almost abandoned condition despite the good state of conservation.

The purpose of the whole event was to bring it to a new life reopening to the public with an exhibition design which aims to make the church part of the exhibition itself: thin wooden frames host the works of art, which are floating inside them.